About Studio 19

Studio 19 is a large music and sound production facility in the middle of Gothenburg, Sweden. Our engineers and producers write, produce, record and mix music and sound.


In January 2004 Studio 19 was built in the building which was to become Brew House. The first recording was seen a half year later even if the studio was far away from being finished. The building project was lead by owner Henrik Paulsson and finished a couple of months later.

A studio is however never to be defined as finished. Studio 19 will follow the trends - there is always room for improvement.

Brew House

Brew House is a creative center in central Gothenburg. There are more than 80 businesses involved with music and media. There's also a restaurant and a stage to hold events like concerts and conferences. Studio 19 is on the top floor and is the largest studio in Brew House. One of the largest in Gothenburg.


The concept of Studio 19 is to bring knowledge together. The studio is built to have several control rooms, with sound engineers, producers and sing & songwriters, able to use the recording rooms at the same time. With a flexible recording environment, the possibility to record and work on several projects at the same time, is possible. The result is synergy effects, with everyone making progress together.


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