The American Voice-Over - Get your voice on demand

The American Voice-Over

Studio 19 present to you a top of the line voice-over. The American Voice-Over. If you need the typical american trailer voice for your production, game or commercial, this is the voice to use.

- 3 files to your e-mail with YouSendIt.
- One unedited WAV 48khz/24bit.
- One processed WAV 48khz/24bit.
- One MP3 320kbit.
- If you need other formats, request it in the form.

You get:
- A north american voice.
- Recorded by an experienced engineer.
- An edited and compressed version ready to use.
- Fast delivery before Your set deadline.
- Rights to use the recording forever.

Hello: Unedited vs Processed

€799 (incl VAT) per product, 0-120 seconds.
Studio 19 use PayPal for payment. Use our form to write all your details first. Then select what you want and click on the button ”Add to cart”.

The American Voice-Over

If you have other voice-over requests, contact us by using the form or give us a call.

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1. If I would like several recordings, can you give me a discount?
Yes! If you order more then 1 recording for the same session you get the rest for the half price. This could for example be a series of ads, different introductions to a tv-show, or just different commercial recordings you happened to need at the same time.

2. I have a video or other sound to sync with for your recording. Where do I send it?
You can send a video or other files to, either directly with e-mail or with YouSendIt if it is large files.

3. Can I use the recording both on a website and a commercial?
Yes. You can use the recording however you please in whatever media you wish.

4. I want 4-5 sentences recorded for my web site. Is it the same price?
Yes. As long as the sentences is within 120 seconds in total, we will do it for the same price. This holds true also for informative texts for conferences and similar work. For broadcasted media, TV, radio or internet advertising we take payment per recording or product.

5. I need a longer text recorded. How much will this cost?
Contact us with a description of what needs to be done and we will get back to you.

6. How long time will it take for you to reply to my request?
Usually we reply within a couple of hours. Remember that we live in Central European Time (CET, +1 UTC) and usually do not respond or work on Saturdays or Sundays.

7. How long time will it take for you to deliver?
We usually deliver within 48 hours. Please send us a deadline and we will know how to plan our schedules even better.

8. We also need music production for our product. Can you help?
Send us an e-mail with what genre, style and describe what you need and we will give you a couple of suggestions.

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